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Artist's Statement


I paint with watercolors for their luminosity and their transparency.

In 2017 and 2018 I broke away from purely abstract geometric watercolor painting and collaging, to create works with realistic elements drawn into them, blended into the geometric shapes, or not strictly geometric in design at all. Each one has a specific meaning for me – a Chasm in the Land; a memory of my cat; a visual poem to Christmas Season; how I felt about turning 60 years old; a sky tinted sickly green, which was based on a drawing from 1980. It has been a return to the art of freehand drawing.

My Modulor Series (2007- 2009) of geometric watercolors followed a decision I made around 2007 to revive architectural drafting and use it in creating my artworks. These works are reminiscent of the early modernist Orphism Movement, which emphasized color and geometric shape. Many were painted using a palette of very soft natural based colors, and all were drawn with ruler and pencil.






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